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red barn and white farmhouse

Family Farms Remain Vital to Agriculture

In a survey, 79 percent of respondents who left a family farm report that they continue to work in agriculture.

The world recently focused on 500 million family farmers while observing World Food Day Oct. 16.

The United Nations’ Food and Agriculture Organization has recognized family farmers as central to solving global hunger and malnutrition….

The FAO also reports that family farms account for an average of 80 percent of all holdings, based on data from 93 countries, and are the main producers of locally consumed food.

“The world cannot do without the family farmer,” says Amy McMillen, FAO’s partnerships and outreach co-ordinator.

“It’s because of the family farmer that we eat a variety of healthy foods every day, and yet family farmers still make up the majority of poor and hungry people in the world. We must do more to incentivize, celebrate and exponentially improve the lives of family farmers to ensure all people have access to fresh, healthy food.”

The face of family farming in North America is dynamic.

A new survey of 75 North American family farmers, led by Humanitas Global in collaboration with the FAO and Food Tank, shows they remain committed to family farming, despite the challenges.

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tractor and wagon on road

Farmers in Essex County are making the most of the current stretch of unusually warm weather.

Many had been unable to harvest due to the cool and wet weather, according to Leo Guilbeault, a director with the Grain Farmers of Ontario.

Guilbeault says the forecast for the next few days is a welcome relief.

“We haven’t had too much nice weather up until now to get harvest going, with all the rain and cold weather we’ve been getting,” he said. “It hasn’t been conducive to harvesting soybeans. We need a stretch of five or six days in a row to dry off the fields a little bit and dry off the crop.”

Overall, the fall field work is behind schedule, according to the Grain Farmers of Ontario.

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wine trails of west virginia

CHARLESTON, W.Va. (AP) – It can be pretty challenging to get a room full of adults of all ages and from all walks of life to agree on much of anything. But getting them to agree enthusiastically is the stuff of which dreams are fulfilled. On a recent afternoon, winemakers and distillery producers in the western…

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tractor spraying herbicides

MINNEAPOLIS — A new herbicide, long awaited by farmers as a tool to fight “superweeds” but long opposed by environmental groups, has received final federal approval and is likely headed for Midwestern fields next year. Enlist Duo, manufactured by Dow AgroSciences, could become an important competitor to Monsanto’s popular Roundup Ready system, which has dominated the…

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honey bees on honeycomb

The Honey Bee Health Coalition, a coalition comprised of more than 30 organizations and agencies from across food, agriculture, government and conservation, released Bee Healthy, a roadmap to improve honey bee health, last week. The roadmap’s focus is collective action that will accomplish more than any one group can achieve on its own to address the…

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sunflowers in a field
Provided by Cheryl Dybas, NSF As fall fields turn bright with color, what might we learn from roadside rows of sunflowers – and the sunflower seeds widely used to feed birds in colder weather? Scientists are finding that answers to biological and environmental questions large and small may be hidden in the petals of common sunflowers.…

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field of pumpkins
RICHMOND, Va. (AP) – Virginia agriculture officials say the state’s pumpkin growers are reporting an abundant crop this year. To promote the important crop, Virginia Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services says Gov. Terry McAuliffe has proclaimed October as “Virginia Pumpkin Month.” According to the Virginia Pumpkin Growers’ Association, the state is home to about 200…

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insects on skewers ready to eat
AUSTIN, Texas—Why aren’t you eating bugs? They’re tiny terrors to some, but to a large percentage of the world, including many countries in Africa and Asia, they’re nutritious delicacies and environmentally-friendly to raise. This is according to a gathering of people who are passionate about entomophagy, or insect eating, who advertised their cause this week at…

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As the market for legal weed has blossomed in some states, so too has the use of rat poison on pot farms deep in the western woods, to keep rodents away from the aromatic plants. These are the same woods where a rare cat-sized mammal called the fisher lives in the cavities of trees and feeds…

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beef calves in pen
NEW YORK, Oct. 3, 2014 /PRNewswire/ — Rabobank has issued a new report on the global beef industry, saying that although supply is increasingly tight, Russian import bans are unlikely to have a material effect. In the report, published by Rabobank’s Food & Agribusiness Research and Advisory group, bank analysts say that global beef supply is…